27,4×82 inv – 27×82 utv

255 kr

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Spicer 1310 / Detroit 7260.

Bearing Cap Axis 1 Diameter IN: 1.063
Bearing Cap Axis 1 Diameter MM: 27.0
Bearing Cap Axis 2 Diameter IN: 1.078
Bearing Cap Type: 2 Grooved & 2 Plain Round Bearings
Bearing Type A: Round Plain
Bearing Type B: Round Grooved
Greasable: YES
Image: UJoint_2Grooved_2Plain.tif
Length Axis 1 IN: 3.22
Length Axis 2 IN: 2.125
Length Measurement A: Outside of Bearing To Outside of Bearing
Length Measurement B: Inside of Groove to Inside of Groove plus thickness of 2 Lock Rings
Lube Fitting Location: Regular Lube Fitting in Cross
Lubricateable: YES
OE Series: Combination 315G x 369
U-Joint Identification: 2 Grooved & 2 Plain Round Bearings


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